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7 days – 6 night.

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Arnarstapi, Hellnar, Black church, Svörtuloft lighthouse, Snæfellsjökull, Kirkjufell mountain, Stykkishólmur village,Hellulaug Natural pool, Látrabjarg cliff, Rauðisandur beach, Patreksfjörður village,Tálknafjörður,village, Dynjandi waterfall, Ísafjörður village, Djúpavík village Ingólfsfjörður, Ófeigsfjörður, Krossaneslaug pool, Hvalfjörður, Þingvellir National Park.


Accommodation in hotels or nice guesthouses with breakfast included.


Professional guidance, Pick-up & drop-off in Reykjavík / South area, 6x Breakfast. Lunch and dinner not included in this tour. There are restaurants in the villages and in the accommodation places we stayed at.

what to Wear

Comfortable clothing, hiking shoes and warm clothes according to this area’s weather forecast and activities. A good shell is also good to have for rainy weather.

This seven days tour will amaze you by the true colors of Iceland, you will see and learn why is Iceland such a magical and unique place, loved by the tourists and its locals. Ravishing nature, rich cultural heritage, mesmerizing energy, are just some of the thrills that your guide will share with you on this remarkable adventure.First we meet up in city, then hop up in lux van, from which we are heading direct to the Snæfellsnes peninsula. Your guide will explain you everything you need to know and learning first-hand is priceless. On our way we will explore Arnarstapi village, known for its fishing as well as the trading heritage, wonderful cliff structures and various birds’ species like kittiwakes. Afterwards, we will catch sight of Hellnar village which also has a famous fishing history; if you are into elves and other mythical creatures, the legend has it they really like to hang out in this area.
After this mystical and beautiful place, we are moving to the mesmerizing Malarrif lighthouse and then to Svörtuloft lighthouse which is famous for its beautiful color that goes so well with the natural surroundings.
But that’s not all, as on our way we will stop at the villages of Rif and Hellissandur, Ólafsvík town and Grundarfjörður village which all have an extraordinary and interesting past, as well as natural beauty. Last, but not least, we will visit the Kirkjufell mountain, it is for sure the most photographed mountain on the planet. Its name literally means “church mountain”, and its distinctive shape is eye-catching and special.
After all this, it is a great time to take a rest and relax in the charming town of Stykkishólmur and prepare for the second day of our journey.

Waking up in the pittoresque Stykkishólmur, which is the village that looks like it is from another period of time with its old architecture that is renowned by the its locals, gives you the breeze of the old times of Iceland. We will be leaving this completely eco-friendly town with a view on the ocean filled with the little islands, preserved nature, and historical wealth, heading to the village of Paterksfjörður.Driving along west coast route, we will stop on several points where you will be able to enjoy the surroundings and take a few pictures for your “Iceland album”. Before arriving to Patreksfjörður, you will have the additional treat; relaxing in the one of the most beautiful geothermal pool in Iceland, called Hellulaug. This pool is literally the definition of the term “hidden gem” so don’t forget your bathing suite, because you don’t want to miss enjoying in this pool with the view of the ocean, Vatnsfjörður fjord and mountains, situated in the wilderness of the west Iceland and with temperature of 38 degrees. After the pool break, we will drive to the village of Patreksfjörður, where you will be able to enjoy Látrabjarg cliffs, Rauðisandur beach and Dynjandi waterfall which are close by, and on the “to do list” for the next days. Patreksfjörður is the biggest town in the southern part of the West Fjords, and it is population is approximately 660. It is famous by its fishing industry and tourists spots where we will be spending the night.

On the third day we will wake up early to seize the day and visit the Látrabjarg cliff, where you can hang out with the puffins and other bird species, as Latrabjarg is the Europe’s biggest bird cliff and a safe home to our feather friends.Exactly 14 kilometers long and up to 440 meters high, Látrabjarg is a promontory and the westernmost point in Iceland. After “selfies” with birds and indulgence with the cliffs, miraculous views and nature, we are heading to the Rauðisandur beach which is among the other things, famous by its sand colour. The sand is mostly reddish and it is derived from pulverized scallop shells, it can change its shades from yellow, orange, pink, red and even black. And if we will be lucky, we could even spot the grey seals, as they like to be in this area in the summertime. Afterwards, our way will be leading us to the village of Bíldudalur which is known for its friendly folks that have a great music passion, and cherish the legends of notorious “Sea Monsters” which had played the great role in the Icelandic folklore. The place is also known as a “good weather capital”, so prepare your sunglasses :)After meeting the Bíldudalur, we will check out the village of Tálknafjörður. Tálknafjörður is known, among other interesting things, for attractions like sea angling, and hot water springs. In the northern part of the fjord, hot water springs from the earth are directly used as the pure energy for fish industry and heat for the swimming pools. Thanks to this geothermal activity there are natural hot pools just outside the village, where we will be taking a break from our adventure, just before we return to the Patreksfjörður and take a good night sleep and prepare for the next day.

After our morning routine we will be on our way with the lux jeep to experience the magic of Dynjandi waterfall. Dynjandi means “Thunderous” and when you see its power and magnificence you will know why this name is given to this falls. Roaring water falling through the seven cascades will most certainly make an impact on you, not only by its sound but also with  the view on this spectacular natural wonder, which is closely tied with numerous myths about the mystical beings that are living behind this mighty waterfall, according to the legends. And just before we reach our final destination of the Ísafjörður, we will be driving from the Dynjandi through the exciting secret routes and mountain roads, visiting some beautiful villages that looks like time has stopped, and gives the extraordinary feeling that we are now traveling with the time machine through the past. After all this admirations and astonishments we will be arriving to the “Capital of West Fjords”, the remarkable town Ísafjörður, which is the largest settlement of the West Fjords. Here we will spend the night, and relax as our journey is still not over.

Good morning and prepare for the uncanny and spectacular beauty. Today, on the fifth day of our Westfjords tour, we will hop into our loyal lux jeep and drive all the way to the most intriguing and beautiful area of the west called Strandir. This scenic drive through the remote parts of Iceland is rich with the magnificent landscapes, stunning viewpoints, small villages and impressive fjords. It is the part of Iceland that is still hard to live in, due to territory and the land that is hard to cultivate, and is especially problematic in the winter period because of communication and transportation breakdowns. But this all has many “pros” for the people that really enjoy the natural wilderness and intact beauty. We will explore more of the Strandir area on the day six. But now, after this wonderful drive, and stop points for photo-shootings, we will be arriving in the town of Djúpavík, where we will take a rest, and get ready for tomorrow. Djúpavík is the smallest inhabited area in Iceland, around 50 people, and in the winter time almost no one is habitating here, but nevertheless, this charming little village has its history; Djúpavík dates back to 1917, when a herring factory was established. The first attempt was short lived but in 1934, the new factory was build, and it was the largest concrete building in Iceland at the time. The factory operated until 1954, and today it serves as an exhibition and artistic area. If you are into Icelandic music artists, then it is good to know that famous Sigur Ros band held a free concert in 2006, here in the factory, you can imagine what a spectacle that was. Also you can check it out in a movie about this unannounced free concerts of the band through the Iceland, called “Heima”.

Heads up for the marvelous adventure ahead! From the early morning, we will be exploring the Strandir area, which is actually Icelandic name for the east coastline of the large Westfjord Peninsula. The name is the plural of the term coast and translates to the “Coasts”. This area is really unique and otherworldly, we will spend the whole day researching Strandir and for sure it will be hard to leave from here, because of splendid atmosphere, energy and nature around us. This will certainly be the adventure that will stay in your mind forever. We will visit Ingólfsfjörður, which is the on of the most interesting sight of concrete old buildings and beautiful nature and gives the unique dystopian scenography. On our way we will visit the Ófeigsfjörður isolated fjord on already remote Starndir area, and this is a perfect time to reconnect with the nature and yourself while observing this place far away from the city noise and distractions. After all this, we will take a bath in the most beautiful pool in Iceland, called Krossaneslaug. This extraordinary pool is located on the beach at Laugarvík cove right next to the mighty North-Atlantic ocean. It was built by the Youth Association in 1954. 
Swimming and relaxing in the hot pool right next to the cold North-Atlantic ocean with mountain Krossnesfjall above you is experience that you will be cherris as you live. When we are done with relaxing and taken all the visible and invisible evidence from this special place, it is time to head back to Djúpavík for a nice dinner and well deserved sleep.

On the last day of our companionship on this wonderful adventure, we will be slowly hitting the town of Reykjavik. But on our way there are some surprises left. We will take a nice route through Skoradalsskógur, over the fjord Hvalfjörður, and there we will turn to the Kjósarskarð, the amazing mountain road which will lead us right to the National Park – Þingvellir. Þingvellir will be our last stop of this adventurous journey of ours and you will have the chance to see the place where North American and Eurasian tectonic plates meet. Þingvellir is not only famous by this exquisite geological phenomenon, but it also has a great cultural heritage. There we will see the lake Þingvallavatn which is a rift valley lake with a surface of 84 km² and it is the largest natural lake in Iceland. At the northern shore of the lake, the Alþingi, the national parliament, was founded in the year 930, and held its sessions there until 1799, and today still the name Alþingi Íslendinga is carried by the parliament of Iceland.
The volcanic origin of the islands in the lake is clearly visible. The cracks and faults around it, of which the Almannagjá ravine is the largest, is where the Eurasian and North American tectonic plates meet. Silfra fissure is a popular among scuba divers and snorkeling enthusiasts. One of the noted features of the lake is the presence of four morphs of the Arctic charr.When we take our time here and see everything that needs to be seen, we will be getting in the lux van for one last time, drive straight to the Reykjavik, and say goodbye, but hopefully only for now 🙂


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